Much more confidence

Working 1:1 with Brittany really gave me the confidence I needed to believe in my body’s abilities again. Not only is Brittany a wealth of knowledge, but she knows practical ways to help you achieve your goals. I loved the Nutrition Questionnaire and the graphs that she shared that showed my body’s burden in the beginning, and how I improved over our 3 months together. I had bad fatigue before, and my energy is so much better now. I also had lots of digestive problems that we worked on and my digestion is now so much better as well. She helps motivate you by teaching you the WHY, and my only regret is that it took me 35 years of my life before I found her and her help.

Better sleep, 50% more energy, and happy!

As a capable middle-aged woman, I really thought my health and vitality was in the rearview mirror, though I won’t admit it to anyone! Through [Brittany’s] careful attention to my total health, I am enjoying better sleep, I feel less on edge and more resilient, I have 50% more energy, and just feel more happy, more like myself. Thank you! Thank you!