I’m currently offering 3 services for NEW clients

Check them out below to see which one would be the best fit for you


1:1 8-Week Nutritional Therapy Package

I am so excited to offer the best bang for your buck in getting a jumpstart on tackling all your health concerns and goals!


Getting a one time plan for nutrition and lifestyle doesn’t provide you with the ongoing support needed to really dig into your goals, make some significant changes, and find what works best for your body.


By committing to working with me for 8 weeks, not only do you get the best value possible, you also get ongoing accountability, education so you can understand YOUR own body better, biweekly video sessions to get all your questions answered, get help with troubleshooting the barriers you face, and weekly feedback and analysis on your food and mood journals.


*Kitchen Klean Up Clients get $50 off the 8 week package!*

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Kitchen Klean Up + *Bonus* Prenatal/Supplement Review


Get support for how to optimize your kitchen and home to support your fertility and the optimal health of you, your baby, and your family.


Plus, get a review a your eating patterns and help identifying possible nutrient deficiencies. We’ll review your current prenatal and/or supplements and you’ll get a personalized recommendation for which prenatal vitamins and nutrients to prioritize for your stage of life. You’ll get access to professional grade prenatals and supplements to order and have shipped directly to your home and access to ask me follow-up questions via an online client portal.


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*NEW* 1:1 90 Minute Consultation Only

This service is also the first step in the 8 week package. I’ve separated it out for those who want quicker 1:1 support and a personalized plan, but don’t need the support and accountability to keep implementing changes over 8 weeks.


This also allows you to get a sense of working with me and you can always purchase individual follow-up sessions after this initial 90 minute consultation if you need more support. I wouldn’t recommend this option if you thrive better on accountability or need to make more long term nutrition and lifestyle changes to address the root cause of your health symptoms and improve health and nourishment for your stage of the motherhood journey.


But it can be a good place to start to get to know what working with me is like. The 8 week package is still the best value of the long-term, but if you think this option is right for you, please go ahead and schedule or sign up for a FREE 20 minute call with me below to chat about which option is best for you!


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Still have questions or want to just quickly pick my brain for where to look next on your health journey?


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