Wholly Nourished Kitchen Klean-Up

+ BONUS Prenatal/Supplement Review


This is a pantry/kitchen clean out consultation specifically geared towards women who are preparing for pregnancy, struggling to conceive, pregnant already, postpartum, breastfeeding, and even just women looking to optimize hormone health and nutrition. This service is a 1 hour 1:1 video consultation. While working together, we’ll identify a plan for making YOUR kitchen a healthier environment for your health and the health of your children and family.


We’ll explore areas such as cooking fats, food storage, cooking utensils, pots and pan materials, water quality of your specific area, food quality, how and when to choose organic in a budget friendly way, how to increase nutrient density in everyday meals, the role meat and meat quality has on our health, and more. Save time from researching all the confusing information out there and get practical nutrition and toxin exposure advice in one convenient session.


Our health and the health of our children is tied to our nutrition and environment.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your fertility as you prepare to conceive; optimize your pregnancy nutrition for baby’s health; optimize your nutrition for postpartum recovery; or just focus on having balanced hormones and feel good in your body, your kitchen and home play a HUGE role. During our consultation, we’ll discuss common areas in our pantry, fridge, kitchen, and home where simple swaps can make a huge impact! We’ll review YOUR specific kitchen and the products you use and identify areas to improve. You’ll be given a plan to make these health upgrades at a manageable pace that won’t break the bank or cause overwhelm.


I’ll take some of the guesswork out of swaps by sharing some of my tried and true favorite brands and products, what to look out for when reviewing other brands, as well as my tips for saving money and avoiding overwhelm during this process.


BONUS Prenatal Vitamin/Supplement Review:

Did you know that it’s recommended to start prenatal vitamins BEFORE conception and continue them until some time after birth?


But knowing what nutrients are important can be totally overwhelming! Not to mention we’re all bioindividual and have different needs based on diet, lifestyle, and our overall health.


For this Bonus, we’ll discuss the essential nutrients and quantities that research shows are optimal for mom and baby to impact proper brain development and baby’s health. We’ll review your eating habits (you’ll complete a 4 day Food and Mood Journal prior to our consultation) and supplements to ensure that the right quantities are being met for your motherhood stage (preconception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum, etc.). I’ll share my prenatal vitamin brand recommendations for you and other supplements to add to meet these nutrient requirements for mom’s health, and baby’s optimal health and development.


Plus, receive access to my professional practitioner dispensary for discounted professional grade supplements that you can order at your convenience online and have shipped directly to your home, so no more grabbing cheap prenatal vitamins from the grocery store and hoping they’ll cut it! You’ll also have access to my online client portal after our consultation to ask follow-up questions and get support!


(Note: If you’re not on your motherhood journey yet, we’ll tailor your supplement recommendations to your general health!)


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