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    Specializing in fertility challenges, optimal fertility, pregnancy nutrition, and postpartum nutrient replenishment, we make sure you're full and nourished every step of your motherhood journey.

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What is Nutritional Therapy?

My Approach to Optimizing Women's Health

Nutritional therapy is a root-cause approach to tackling health challenges and supporting the optimal functioning of the human body. Nutritional therapy honors the bio-individuality of each person while focusing on nutrition and lifestyle to reduce unwanted symptoms and promote optimal health.


Conception, pregnancy, and postpartum replenishment are the most nutritionally taxing events in a woman’s life. Many women don’t know which nutrients to prioritize for optimal fertility or while pregnant for baby’s health and their own. When fertility challenges occur, this time of excitement in growing your family can also be a time of frustration and confusion.

As a practitioner, I work 1:1 with women to optimize nutrition and lifestyle before, during, and after pregnancy to optimize their own health and that of their baby. I don’t just teach the “what to do” but the “why” to do it as well so you can be confident in your choices and your ability to listen to your own body. This approach doesn’t just accept your genes as destiny, but rather digs in to the root cause of what’s holding us back from optimal health.


My intent is to provide recipes and info to help you feed your fertility and baby’s health so you can stay full and wholly nourished, inside and out. If you ever want more support, go ahead and schedule a free 20 minute call with me!

My Current Services

Help for your Health

My Nutritional Therapy approach works well for women with autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalances, mood disorders, blood sugar issues, digestive issues, those struggling with fertility, those wanting to reduce the risk of recurrent miscarriage, those looking to optimize their health preconception, pregnant women who want to know what nutrients to prioritize, women preparing for birth and postpartum healing, postpartum moms looking to heal quicker, feel better, and provide optimal nourishment to themselves and baby.

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Free Recipes

Check out the blog section to start with free recipes that will nourish you at any stage of your motherhood journey! These recipes are nutrient dense and are structured to provide better blood sugar balance and energy throughout the day.

Full and Wholly Nourished Kitchen Klean Up + *BONUS*

60 minute virtual video 1:1 consultation where we optimize your health by starting in your kitchen! We'll optimize your health and baby's health where it really matters, without the overwhelm or breaking the bank. Click here to also learn about the BONUS item!

8 Week Nutritional Therapy Package

8 weeks of in-depth 1:1 support to tackle your health challenges head on and find the root cause! This package is the best value for women looking for ongoing support. I evaluate your symptoms, walk you through areas of support, and create a personalized nutrition and lifestyle protocol that we continue to implement and tweak over the course of the package.

Free Discovery Session

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